Outing ideas at Rennes on 12-10-2013
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Outing ideas at Rennes on 12-10-2013

All events and ideas out of the city of Rennes are grouped in this page. The outing ideas are dated 12-10-2013 and regrouping different concerts, theaters, shows, movies, cinema, etc ... You can also follow us on Twitter to be informed of the latest developments and ideas out on the town.

Outing ideas at Rennes on 12-10-2013

Rennes Bretagne 35000 France

Vincent moscato

Baptiste lecaplain

Affaires de copains

Match d'improvisation-la lina

Les s'tazunis

Fiesta de cumbia

Grand bal musette des annees 30

Christophe aleveque

Festival midiminuitpoesie

Fred pellerin

Fusion crew

¡ lucha libre invasion !

Kery james

Cecile corbel

One night of queen

Olli goes to bollywood

Les espoirs de coronthie, winston..


Gerard jaffres