About this website (ExitToLive.com)

What is it?

ExitToLive.com : From Paris to Lille via Lyon or Quimper, Exit-To-Live offers new releases and cultural activities at your doorstep. Fill your cultural calendar, come out to the movies, go to concerts with your new knowledge!

The main interface Exit To Live comes in the form of a map that lets you explore and find out the main and essential in your area. Everything has been planned for the event never miss the moment. Enter an address or name of a city to find places to visit and will see the number of members in this area it will be possible to contact you. Know that you can determine the perimeter of your area to cover your desire for discovery.

Legal notice:

ExitToLive LLC (under construction)

Capital: € 2,000
Register of Commerce and Companies: Paris - (forthcoming)
Head Office: 64 AV CHARLES GIDES, 94270 Kremlin-Bicêtre, France
VAT: to come
Publishing Director: S.KHEMSI

Any complaints about the site and / or its content, thank you for contacting us.